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Forecasting Vegetation Health

With Emily Burchfield and Jonathan Gilligan, a decision-support software system in Python that forecasts agricultural productivity at high spatial resolution with models trained on NASA satellite imagery.

Estimating Dynamic Decision Models

With Jonathan Gilligan, a method and software (R and C++) for estimating models of dynamic decision-making that both have strong predictive power and are interpretable in human terms.

Simulating Predictive Models in Prediction Markets

With Martin Van der Linden and Jonathan Gilligan, a computational model of a prediction market. Trader agents use forecasting models to trade securities for global temperature anamolies. Implemented in R and Stan.

Sensitivity Analysis for Complex Computational Models

Software package that facilitates sensitivity analysis for complex computational models.

  • Software package website: sa.

Training and Analyzing Simulation Models

Software package that facilitates data-driven agent-based modeling and simulation analysis.

Genetic Programming for Learning Decision Rules

Software package that facilitates data-driven agent-based modeling by estimating computer “programs” (executable functions) that can be used as models of behavior.